3 Amazing Women..


There are some women out there, 3 women to be exact. They know the second they read the title of the blog who they are. They are my leading women in the health, fitness, nutrition a triathlon world and just life in general. They are some of the most inspiring women I have met and cannot wait to keep learning from them.

I have met these women over the past year and we have become each other’s support group. Well I think they all don’t realize how much I am learning from them and how in many way I inspire to be them. They more support me. If your ever hanging out with me and my phone is constantly receiving text message, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the group texting we have going on that. It will always be there, but don’t worry it’s usually on vibrate or silent. And I can just catch up in the conversation later.

Small intro to each one of these women because they each could have their own novel:

Luana, she is the most amazing inspiring motivated mother and triathlete I have ever met! She is the type of woman who will do anything to help others even if that means putting herself last. She is not only an incredible triathlete but also an incredible mom. I am amazed at how she balances it all! She trains in full force for triathlons and is still able to keep her whole family happy! OH and she teaches spin, is starting up her own business, volunteers all the time and much more!

Kikki, the most fantastical cook and healthy eater of all times. She is the sweetest and most genuine person you could ever meet and just wants people to eat healthy! She will change the world with her cooking and recipes! Believe me I have tasted many of them and they are truly to die for and healthy. She will have her own cooking show one day! She could not be more energetic and enthusiastic about health and fitness and we are slowly but surely dragging her into the world of triathlon! She is helping me change my ways of eating and nutrition one recipe at a time! She may be tiny but she is mighty, don’t mess with her!

Check out her blog! http://www.skinnyweighs.com/

Tina, super triathlete woman! She just completed her first Ironman (Vineman) and had motivated us all to become better triathletes. She is competitive but yet will never hold anything back from you, she wants everyone to be the best triathlete they can be! She is not only full of knowledge about triathlons but experience as well!  She is basically the coolest triathlete I know and can beat up any male or female on the course! She is the sweetest yet toughest woman I know and won’t take crap from anyone! She wants to world to know about endurance sports and has already changed so many people’s lives by influencing them to be the best people they can be. She motivates me to be a strong woman not only triathlete!

You will hear their names many times! These 3 women are the most influential women in my lives (besides my mom!) They represent what every women should strive to be! I cannot thank them enough for all the advice, from triathlons, boys, life, food pmsing and just being a woman!




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